Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fun Way to Give Cash as a present

 Everyone is always wanting to find new ways to give people cash as a gift, aside from just placing it in a card and sealing it.

We have:
- put cash inside of balloons and had the kids pop them (a few filled with confetti of course)

-wrapped it in a giant ball of saran wrap

-inside of boxes, inside of boxes, inside of boxes, (which was inside of a box)

-in candy boxes

-Scavenger hunt

etc. etc.

We have done almost everything short of a Hunger Games style "Winner takes All"  Free for all
 So I thought of a creative way this year that I haven't seen yet.

 The mouse trap will NOT ACTUALLY SNAP. It's the initial thought that counts. The idea of having to retrieve some dough without getting your hand popped is "the prank" of this project.
 Start with a brand new mouse trap. Because  a used one  would kinda be......well,.......unsanitary?
 The most important part of this entire project is to get the spring off of the bar to remove the pressure from the trap and prevent any mishaps from occurring. 
Unless of course you enjoy watching your intended target run around in circles screaming in pain.

Take a pair of pliers and lift the spring from the bar as shown in the picture above.
 Next, move the bar over to the catch side of the trap as if you were setting it. (There is no pressure, so it will just rest there naturally)
 Hold the catch in place under the pan with one hand, while hot gluing the pan to the catch.
For added support and ease of the next steps, place a small bead of glue under the pan too. When it dries, it will prevent the pan from dropping down.

Hold for a short time until it is dry.

 Then turn the trap around and gently pull up on the bar from both sides of the trap to hold it in a "set" position.

 Place a small amount of glue as shown to prevent the bar and catch from moving freely and falling back down. 
Hold until dry!
 DONE! (with the trap.)
Then just tape the money in the bottom of a box, and glue the trap with the pan over the money.

This box can be turned upside down, sideways, or which ever way you want, without disturbing the trap or money.

Thanks for checking us out.

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