Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hello.  We are still here.  Just not doing much blogging these days. Smokey (the male goat) says hi.  He likes the snow.  The girls prefer the shelter (smart girls!).

Here is our wiki-up covered in snow, with our lab, Callie out in front.  We just got about a foot of snow.  The kids are out of school, AGAIN and upset that I won't take them to Nanni's for hot chocolate and fun.  Apparently our hot chocolate and fun isn't good enough.  
We did get them outside and playing.  This snow is light and powdery, so no snowmen, but we have fun sledding and making snow angels. 

Our chickens are cold and unhappy and are not laying eggs - I miss fresh eggs so much!  Store bought are just no where near the same.  
We are burning through firewood like crazy and have found that pinecones and dryer lint are great firestarters, but Jon's paper logs (info to come) are great for kindling! 

Please feel free to comment on how you are enjoying your winter!