Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Rust Stains

Posted by Cris
Laundry is hard enough without having to deal with hard water and rusty pipes.  We have a house filter, and water softener to help with the well water.  We use rust remover salt pellets.  When the water softener is empty, this is what happens. My kids FAVORITE shirts end up with rust stains ALL over them.  

Miranda's shirt After Laundry and with all the Rust spots.  

Mason's shirt After Laundry and with all the Rust spots.

Here is the miracle maker - because Oxiclean, stain removal sticks, gels, etc don't make a dent.
You need Lemon Juice and sunshine.  You squirt on and soak in lemon juice to the affected areas and put in the sunshine to dry - We have clotheslines, but the back porch will work fine too. 

And while it isn't perfect - It's a LOT better and I may try treating the shirts again. 

They are good enough to wear out in public - which is good enough for me! 

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