Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stove top gunk cleaner

Posted by Cris

So Jon does most of the canning and cooking now that he is home full time, but like most husbands he lacks in the cleaning department.  We all have our strengths, and areas in need of improvement.  
After a long canning season, our stove looked like this.

Thank goodness for small miracles - like Magic Eraser (seriously, I gave these as Christmas presents when they first came out years ago) They are ah--mazing!  They are a staple to have in your home.  In the kitchen and the bathroom. To help the magic eraser out, though, you can make a paste with baking soda and peroxide.  This takes some elbow grease so roll up your sleeves, you may want to wear gloves too. 

But look at the stove after - almost like new.. or at least not gross to look at.  Lets see how long the husband can keep it clean. Any bets?

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