Saturday, September 7, 2013

Can Cabinet

So with all of the canning our family does, we learned pretty fast that the one thing we were running out of was SPACE.  Cris, being the inquisitive wife that she is, brought a new project to my attention. It was one of her many Pinterest finds. Low and behold, I was building a can cabinet

It rolls nicely in between the refrigerator and the pantry beside it. The plans she gave me came in the form of a picture. So I had to design/build to fit the spot. I'm sure plenty of you have a little spot like this that is just a narrow waste of space. 

This is the cabinet rolled tightly against the wall. It sticks out a little bit from the pantry, but it doesn't interfere with the operation of the refrigerator door.

When rolled out, you can see just how much extra canning we can do without having to find space elsewhere. I have to admit,  my wife does have good ideas every now and then. 

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