Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet the Pigs


This is Bacon (the brown one) and PorkChop (the black one). We bought them early this spring as 30 lb feeders.  They are destined for the freezer, yet treated like queens (both girls).  So far they have been given almost 600 pounds of apples, 2 truckloads of green corn stalks, their usual pellet feed, and tons of leftover veggies from the gardens and such. They are pretty lean right now, but we just started them on corn, to finish them out and marbleize the meat. Cant wait to have RED pork. (yes, pork is supposed to be red not white.  Hoping to take them in before the end of October. 

Bacon and PorkChop are just about to reach the 120lb mark.  Since they are leaner pigs than your commercially fed hogs, we will take them in at about 200lbs. 

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