Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pack Goat: made for $12

Post by Jon
Jersey is my new pack goat!!!!!

I made this harness for $12 earlier this spring. It is made of 1 inch nylon strapping (bought 20 feet of it),       1 inch plastic buckles (8), and 6 steel rings (the 2 in the front are for the attachment of the goat cart I made)

The pouches are from an old safety vest that my father-in-law gave me. There was actually 3 pouches on each side, but I cut off the top ones so it didn't hang to the ground. I sewed them together from the insides at the top and then used the straps which were still on the vest pieces to attach it to the harness, saving me a lot of sewing.

The pack is super sturdy on Jersey, and other than tasting the zipper string a few times, she has not a care in the world that it is on her.  Being that she is a Nigerian Dwarf, she will only be able to carry about 20-25 pounds comfortably, but I can't wait to start working her. 
Why Nigerian Dwarfs?  For the milk of course. 

Jersey was running around the enclosure as you can see here. The pack barely moved on her. 
Love my Goats. You will meet the rest of them soon!!!!!!

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